Terms & Conditions

  1. Member means a person who purchases a Membership from Breakers Basketball Limited; and who is entitled entry into Spark Arena if the person is the holder of that Membership; and who is recorded by Breakers Basketball Limited as having the right to exercise specific rights associated with the Membership (for example any right of renewal or priority (if any) that may be granted in respect of that Membership); and to whom any correspondence about the Membership will be addressed and Membership shall have a corresponding meaning.
  2. Membership means a ticket that admits a Member for the 2018/19 season to 10 regular season home games in the ANBL Championship.Membership does not include any games played during preseason, out of Auckland or Playoff games.
  3. Any unused “game credits” from our Build Your Own Membership options cannot be used for games other than those played in the 2018/19 regular season.They cannot carry over to playoffs, preseason or 2019/20 games.
  4. Breakers Basketball Limited may allow payment for Membership to be made in installments.The Member agrees to pay the installments at the agreed payment frequency until all obligations have been met or until Membership is terminated under this contract.
  5. Any failure to make an installment payment by the due date will incur a further $10 administration fee.All fees must be paid before the Membership will be issued.
  6. Breakers Basketball Limited shall determine, solely at its discretion, the closing dates for orders of Memberships and whether such Memberships become available.
  7. Breakers Basketball Limited reserves the right to on-sell membership seats for additional fixtures (such as semi finals and finals) in any event where the membership seat has not been booked or paid for by the deadline specified.
  8. Subject to the compliance with the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, Memberships cannot be exchanged, transferred, refunded or returned after purchased.
  9. Membership entitles one person only (being the Member or his/her nominee) entry into Spark Arena for a Breakers regular season home game at any one time.If requested by security staff, usher or Breakers Basketball Staff Member, the Member or his/her nominee, shall have available for inspection their membership card or relevant tickets.
  10. The Member(s) is responsible for the Membership Card(s) at all times.Any other person(s) using the Membership Card(s) must be aware of all the responsibilities and limitations of the card and must comply with the terms and conditions of use where relevant.
  11. Lost or stolen cards must be reported to Breakers Basketball Limited, 09 970 5272.To ensure entry to the next home games these must be reported at least 48 hours prior to the gates opening.A replacement card fee of $10.00 will be charged per card and must be paid before the new card will be issued.
  12. Allocation of seats is solely at the discretion of Breakers Basketball Limited.
  13. Membership holders are requested to advise security staff or ushers of any unauthorized person(s) sitting in their allocated seat(s) for designated fixtures.
  14. Right of admission to Spark Arena is subject to regulation.These regulations are available for viewing at www.sparkarena.co.nz
  15. Members or their nominees must leave the game day venue when requested to do so by stadium or security staff.
  16. Breakers Basketball Limited reserves the right not to renew any individual’s Membership, at the sole discretion of Breakers Basketball Limited and /or to discontinue the Membership at any point in the future.All rights to Membership will cease immediately should a Member fail to renew their Membership by the due date.
  17. Membership Cards remain the property of Breakers Basketball Limited and the Member may not sell their rights or the use of the card to any third party.If the Membership is cancelled or forfeited for any reason, the Member must return their Membership Card to Breakers Basketball Limited.
  18. Breakers Basketball Limited reserves the right to vary, substitute, withdraw or reschedule any advertised games.It may also cancel, stop or interrupt any game for safety considerations beyond its control.
  19. Personal information may be gathered and stored in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 to identify the Member, for administration and to allow Breakers Basketball Limited to advise the Member of upcoming events.Provision of such information is a condition of purchasing a Membership.Members have the right to access and correct their personal information at any time.
  20. Breakers Basketball Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.Such changes will be recorded on their website and take effect immediately.
  21. A breach of these conditions may result in Breakers Basketball Limited cancelling or forfeiting the rights of Membership without refund, at their sole discretion.Breakers Basketball Limited retains the right to forfeit Membership in the event of, but not limited to the following circumstances:A breach of these terms and conditions

21.1 Outstanding monies owed for Membership and/or other designated fixtures (example playoff games)

21.2 Foul, abusive or offensive language

21.3 Offensive Behaviour

21.4 A breach of these terms and conditions

22.To the extent permitted by law, Basketball Limited shall not be liable or responsible to the Member for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss or damage to the Member or the property of the Member whatsoever and howsoever arising.Nothing in this clause is intended to have the effect of contracting out of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 except to the extent permitted by that Act.

Any concerns or comments should be addressed to:

NZ Breakers Basketball Membership Manager
PO Box 302-854
North Harbour, North Shore, 0751, Auckland
Ph: 09 970 5272